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The Vampire diaries And (Spin off) The Originals 

I've seen ''the Vampire diaries'' since the season started.. And I'm a HUGE fan! All that supernatural with Vampires, Werewolf, Witches and dobbelgangers... I'll never get tired of watching the show... All that drama, love and mystery (who could ever get enough?)

Right now im at season 5... And it just gets better and better. 
The love between Elena and Damon.. And Stefan who doesn't remember anything or anyone, and he is Silas's dobbelganger... But i feel a little sorry for stefan, cause he and Elena WAS GREAT together... But then Damon would be alone? Hmm... It's a hard one Anyway Let's move on to the next couple...

YES... Caroline and Klaus
OMG! I just love them together, they are my favorite wish couple of TVD. I really hope that ''Klaroline'' is gonna happen, sometime in the season.. Cause i just can't wait anymore... I really have a big crush on Klaus/Joseph Morgan, he's just so hot and have you heard his accent? I almost melt, every time he talks! I'm never gonna get tired of his voice. But....

Season 4 Episode 23 ''Graduation'' One of My favorite Scenes between Klaus and Caroline

 The Originals
The Originals (Spin off) From the Left: Elijah, Haylay, Marcel, Klaus and Rebekkah

Now Klaus has made The werewolf Hayley pregnant.. Whaaaaaaaaat? I'm so excited to see what their child is, is it a werewolf or a vampire or maybe a hybrid? OR maybe something new?.. Can't wait to see it. And what's going on between Hayley and Elijah? a little romance maybe? I hope so. Elijah deserves a little happiness and romance.

Btw... What's going on between Rebekkah and Marcel? I can't Figure out if there's still a spark between them or it's just Rebekkah that's not ovrr him yet.. but i quess i'll figure out later in the season. 

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